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Spinal Decompression in the Tampa Bay Area

Are pains in your neck or back stopping you from living your life as you want to? Are you suffering uncomfortable symptoms due to sciatica? Or are you having trouble with one of your spinal discs?

Whatever your ailment or symptoms, visiting our industry-leading clinic in Tampa for spinal decompression may be the right pain treatment solution for you.spinal decompression table

Let’s find out more about this procedure and what you can expect from this type of treatment.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

For hundreds of years, spinal decompression has been used by a variety of health care technicians, including chiropractors.

The treatment is used for an array of patients, from those with bulging, degenerated, or herniated discs to those with sciatica. Even those with stenosis or who are recovering from surgery have benefited wonderfully from the treatment.

Its aim is to promote an optimum healing environment within your spinal discs and alleviate your pain, and it does this through spinal traction.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

You lie on a specialist table, the lower half of which moves, and this is also where your hips are positioned (and strapped in place).

This moving part is then used to create the traction and relaxation technique that’s paramount to this procedure.

It’s pain-free and our patients often feel quite relaxed afterward. The only sensation many do experience is the feeling as though their spine has been stretched – a sign the treatment is doing what it should!

If your discs are severely injured, you may note some mild discomfort but this will soon start to ease after several treatments.

The entire procedure takes around 45 minutes and for 4-6 weeks you’ll need to visit us for several treatments per week.

How Does the Technique Work?

It is the way this table moves back and forth that enables us to “stretch” your spine. This is integral to changing the force and positioning of your spinal discs, thus reducing your pain and discomfort.

When we move the table, we create negative pressure within your discs. Then, as we move the table back and the discs retract, this releases any pressure that’s on your spine. This also enhances the spinal healing environment by encouraging much-needed water, nutrients, and oxygen to move into the area.

What’s more, to ensure a successful treatment plan, we’ll take your unique needs into account, fully tailoring the program we put together for you so you gain maximum results.

Want to know more about our chiropractic treatments? Then contact our friendly, helpful team today online, or give us a call: 727-937-9726