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Full Medical Exams for Your Injuries at Our Clinics in the Tampa Bay Area

Whether you’ve just been injured in a car accident or you’ve slipped and fallen in a public place, getting the right medical exam is imperative to receiving the right care.

medical doctorHowever, the last thing you want when you’ve gone through the trauma of an injury is to be passed from pillar to post as you try to get the right help.

The good news?

You don’t have to do this when you utilize the dedicated, fully-tailored service at our chiropractic clinic in the Tampa Bay Area.

What Injuries Do We Cover?

With our state-of-the-art facilities, including X-ray, we’re able to treat people who are suffering from an auto injury, workplace injury, sports injury, or a slip and fall. We can even help with workers’ compensation.

Our physicians are specially trained to diagnose and treat injuries while informing patients with their evidence-based approach. This means they are able to take care of your health, just like your family doctor.

For example, when you’ve been involved in an auto accident, they’ll conduct a full examination to determine the extent of your injuries. Once confirmed with diagnostic tests, they’ll talk you through their findings before explaining the best possible treatment plan – and one that you’ll feel involved in and in control of.

So by visiting one of our physicians, we give you peace of mind that your health is in the best possible hands – and all with the convenience of our local clinic. In some cases, we’ll be able to take care of your health from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

Why Visit Us for a Medical Exam?

Here at Gulf Coast Injury Center, we offer a unique, multifaceted approach to your health – and at the heart of our services is your well-being.

This is why we provide an array of treatments and the option to come to one place to receive both an accurate diagnosis and recommendations on your treatment plan. We conduct an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) evaluation to ensure you don’t need to go from place to place and person to person trying to find an answer to your condition or your pain.

When visiting our clinic in Tampa, you’ll feel assured that your condition is being accurately diagnosed, treated, and monitored using our pioneering technology. You’ll also know that a fully-tailored treatment plan is going to be established for you – and, if possible, this will all be carried out in one central location.

We save you time, money, and eradicate inconvenience - while putting your health at the forefront.

To book your medical exam today, visit our Appointment Request page, or call us today at 727-937-9726.