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Category: Massage Therapy

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica Treatment

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on September 30, 2021

Pain from sciatica can be long-lasting and excruciating. Some people who experience sciatica opt for relief through over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Although medication might bring temporary relief, the pain will reappear once it wears off.  If you want to experience long-term... Read More

The Benefits of Massage Therapy Combined with Chiropractic Care

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on February 26, 2020

The public perception of chiropractic care is that it involves manual manipulation of the back to help relieve pain. While that is partially true, it is essential to point out that it can also include the use of massage therapy... Read More

Gulf Coast Injury Center: Complete Care and Pain Treatment

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on October 18, 2018

Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident that’s left you with an excruciatingly painful injury or you’re suffering ongoing discomfort due to work-related injuries, look no further than our chiropractic care for your pain treatment.  Here at Gulf Coast Injury... Read More

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