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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in the Tampa Bay Area

plantar fasciitisPlantar Faciitis:

Plantar fasciitis is a condition which there is pain in the bottom of your feet involving overstretched or torn fascial tissue that creates the arch of the foot. The pain can be localized at the heel of your foot or travel to the toes. It is generally worse in the morning and better as you walk. It can occur through prolonged standing, running, poor shoes, or even developmental like a bone spur.

Common Planta Fasciitis Symptoms include:

  • localized heel pain (stabbing or burning)

Screening and Diagnosis:

A highly trained physician will evaluate the cause of the injury whether it is traumatic or repetitive. After thorough examination, fracture or instability should be ruled out due to the severe dysfunction that these injuries may provide. X-ray, MRI, or diagnostic ultrasound may be recommended as these are the “gold standard” in evaluation. Functional tests may be administered for work and recreation to make appropriate modifications. Neurological tests should be administered to make sure that there is no potential for leg dysfunction. A thorough evaluation of the spine should also be considered to rule out referring or radiating pains into the legs.


Severe acute pain should only involve rest for a few days. Medication may be prescribed by the physician to reduce pain and inflammation. Custom orthotics or shoes maybe recommended reducing the strain of the tissue. Next a highly trained chiropractor or physical therapist may be used to improve proper biomechanics of the foot and pelvis. Core stability exercises and stretches may improve functional loss. Conservative treatment may take weeks to months before stabilization is met.

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