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Yard Work & Gardening: Alleviate Muscle Pain

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on May 25, 2018

The medical professionals at Gulf Coast Injury Center care for residents living in the Tampa, Riverview, Brandon & Holiday areas. For many residents, spring signals yard work, which may mean straining your muscles, joints and back. Our chiropractic tips help you avoid the discomfort from yard work and gardening so you can enjoy the yard you are making beautiful.

  1. In the same way you would warm up for any exercise, take at least five minutes to walk around while you roll your shoulders, swing your arms and turn your head side to side prior to yard work.
  2. Once you are warm, stretch the muscles on the backs of your legs by standing and extending one leg straight in front of you. Rest the heel on the ground or a step and slightly bend your opposite knee. Place your hands on the bent leg, above the knee and lean forward until you feel a stretch in the back of the straight leg. Maintain the stretch for at least 15 seconds and then repeat on the other leg.
  3. Stretch the fronts of your legs by standing on one foot, bending the opposite knee to raise your foot behind you and grasping the foot with the hand on the same side of the body. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds before switching to the other leg.
  4. Clasp your hands together in front of you and straighten your arm to stretch your upper back. Raise the hands overhead and gently lean side to side to stretch your core.
  5. While working, use good posture. For example, when raking or sitting to pull weeds, keep your back straight. Sit when possible instead of bending and standing to avoid straining your lower back.
  6. Alternate your foot positions to reduce back pressure and switch tasks occasionally to avoid overuse injuries.
  7. Take breaks when needed and listen to your body. Do not feel you have to accomplish everything in one day.

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