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Spinal Decompression for a Herniated Disc

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on August 12, 2019

woman with back painWhen it comes to back pain and discomfort, few conditions are more chronically painful than a herniated disc in the neck or spine. If you are suffering from this affliction, we implore you to consider the holistic benefits of chiropractic care as a safe, non-invasive option to surgical and/or pharmacological (i.e., painkiller) remedies.

At Gulf Coast Injury Center, we offer a full-body review of the various factors impacting health and wellness – and are ready to implement a holistic plan to address your unique needs and recovery goals fully.

Understanding the Procedure

Spinal decompression is, by no means, an emerging or modern approach to disc pain. In fact, this method has been around for hundreds of years, and the first indices within respected American medical journals began in the mid-1700s.

For modern patients, the procedure involves the following steps:

  • Comfort with the idea: Spinal decompression involves gently stretching the spine through intentional changes in position. For some, this requires some (mental) adjustment.

  • Working with the table: The process involves working with a traction table – a device much less torturous than it sounds.

  • Going with the flow: Once engaged with the traction table, spinal decompression invokes gentle changes of position and movement to create a negative pressure within the spinal discs, resulting in retraction of any herniated areas and the total flow of water (and nutrients) to lumbar areas in need.

Decompression therapy may sound daunting at first, but millions of chronic back pain sufferers have benefited from this common sense, gravity-based approach.

To learn more about drug-free relief for chronic and painful disc issues, please contact us today: 813-258-6051.

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