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Category: Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain Treatment

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on January 30, 2022

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for individuals to see a chiropractor. Whether your issue is posture-related or the result of an auto accident, it can be difficult living with pain day in and day out. Chiropractic... Read More

Five Key Signs You Have Whiplash After an Accident

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on December 30, 2021

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries from an auto accident. While it can range from mild to severe, it is important to seek treatment for whiplash early on. Failure to do so could lead to chronic pain and... Read More

Visit a Chiropractor for Auto Injury Treatment

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on November 30, 2021

A car accident can have devastating effects on the body, especially the neck and spine. Sometimes, those effects are obvious because they are accompanied by pain and physical signs. Other times, the effects of a car accident sneak under the... Read More

Can a Chiropractor Help with Sports Injuries?

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on October 30, 2021

Whether you’re a weekly runner or a pro who plays high-impact sports regularly, you are susceptible to injury. Even a mild injury can throw you off your game, but a more serious one can stop you from playing for good.  If... Read More

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica Treatment

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on September 30, 2021

Pain from sciatica can be long-lasting and excruciating. Some people who experience sciatica opt for relief through over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Although medication might bring temporary relief, the pain will reappear once it wears off.  If you want to experience long-term... Read More

When Is a Stiff Neck More Than Just a Stiff Neck?

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on August 30, 2021

Neck stiffness isn’t always from sleeping wrong or something equally mundane. Many  times it’s a symptom of an underlying issue that needs more than a bit of rest; it’s time to get looked at by a chiropractor.  We at Gulf Coast... Read More

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Proven Effective for Treating Herniated Discs

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on July 28, 2021

There are non-surgical methods of achieving back pain relief, including if your condition stems from a herniated disc. One of the best methods is non-surgical spinal decompression, which has been proven time and again to help spines heal themselves and... Read More

Time Is of the Essence for Auto Accident Victims; Go See a Chiropractor ASAP

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on June 28, 2021

Big or small, go get yourself checked out since many injuries can start hurting hours or days later, making time of the essence to get evaluated. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of a minor injury turning into... Read More

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Blade Pain

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on May 28, 2021

Around 22 million Americans visit a chiropractor each year for back pain, muscle strains, accidents, and more. Chiropractic care provides a holistic, non-invasive approach to treatment that can help patients avoid chronic pain and surgical options.  Shoulder blade pain can be... Read More

Healing Work-Related Lift Injuries with a Chiropractor

Written By Gulf Coast Injury Center on April 29, 2021

In the United States, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. That’s 12,600 injuries a day and an estimated 4,600,000 injuries each year. Thirty-three percent of work-related injuries that result in lost workdays are related to overexertion,... Read More

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